Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Our newest family member

Christmas wish lists were getting written last year and all Miss 11 wanted was a puppy, tears were shed as she told us, she didn't want any new gadgets or new clothes or really anything an 11 year old girl would want other than a puppy. I was sceptical, in our married life we have never owned any pets. We had been busy having our babies, who then turned into busy toddlers, then kids at school, I wasn't sure this little family of ours was ready to introduce a new family member with four legs.

I spoke to the Mr and discussed Miss 11's desire to have a puppy, she pleaded with her Daddy, where I am sure more tears were shed, this girl really wanted a dog. Even seeing my grown up 11 year old cry over a puppy we were yet to get I was still sceptical. Mr big softy who I thought for sure would so no, for the love of his grass that he wouldn't want ripped up by a four legged creature, spoke to me about his concerns of it only being a phase, that everyone would lose interest quickly. Then we spoke of what they could learn from owning a pet.

Mr softy got excited and started researching breeds and breeders, Me I was still unsure and decided to let him take control. He wanted to keep it a secret from the girls, to give them a big surprise.

One day whilst walking with Miss 11, I was quizzing her for ideas for Christmas presents, when she yet again burst into tears and said "you know what I want, I just want a dog". I caved and secretly told her to let her fears go of never owning a pet and it was all in the works. She was sworn to secrecy from her little sisters and Daddy. I just couldn't stand to see her getting upset anymore.

She never quizzed us again, but was unaware of any details, mean while Mr took control and we found a local breeder that the litter was born on the 10/11/2012, but we couldn't have her till the 4/1/13. We how ever were able to come pick our pup just before Christmas.

This year we had a little Elf visit, her name was Snowbelle and she left a little letter for the girls one Sunday telling the girls Mummy and Daddy had a surprise happening in the afternoon for them.

We took off on our drive quizzing the girls asking them where they think we were going, we didn't have to go to far. Questions were asked, "Are we moving", "Are you buying as a horse", no one guessed a puppy.

We meet the breeder who knew of our secret and took us down to the kennels, and picked up our puppy. I then said "This is your puppy girls", Miss 11 started crying tears of joy. We got to have a quick cuddle, all except Miss 4 who was a little scared. Mr wanted a boy, I think maybe to not feel out numbered any more, but as it was there was only one pup left a gorgeous little girl.

This pup made her way into our hearts that day. We went home all very excited and started discussing names. 'Charlee' was voted on and won.

One very happy girl

It was along Christmas and New Year waiting for the time we could pick up our newest family member.

January 4, Nanna's birthday, was the day this little four legged girl would join us to be part of our family. She was fussed over and made her way into all of our hearts.

She is now 12 weeks old and started puppy school last night. She is still very mush loved by all of us except Miss 4 who want go outside unless Charlee is tied up. All my worries have gone, I am so glad with got this little girl. It was definitely the right time for our family.

They do this job everyday, maybe not with those smiles anymore.

Friday, February 01, 2013

2013 School year

This week the girls headed back to school, like many Australian kids. Miss 11 headed into year 6, which in NSW is the last year of primary school before heading off into high school. Miss 9 heads into year 4 and little Miss 4 is in her last year of pre-school, two full days a week. Next year she heads off to'big' school.

I hope this year goes nice and slow, I am not ready to part with my baby or have my biggest head into the unknown territory of high school.

Miss 4 will be very ready next year, all week she has been dressing in one of the girls old uniforms. I will have to make sure we keep busy this year. This girl wants to learn.
This year I wish for my three beauties to enjoy their time learning and building good friendships. I hope they have a successful 2013.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Welcome to 2013, giveaway time

Hi and welcome to 2013, I have taken time away from this little space of mine to really enjoy the time with my family and get ready for a fantastic year ahead. I have so much to say and share, but today I wanted to come and start the year with a giveaway for back to school.

At the end of last year I was invited to a bloggy event to introduce us to Sunraysia's Organic juice pouches.  That day I learnt so much about what we are putting into our bodies and that of our children. I was so pleasantly surprised about the taste of these yummy juice pouches, and they have now become a regular on my shopping list.

My girls have discovered that if you freeze them, they make fantastic slushies on hot summers days.

Here is a little information for you regarding this fantastic product.

Sunraysia Organic is 100% organic fruit juice with Nothing Added, Nothing Taken Away. Made from certified organic fruit, Sunraysia Organic is all natural with no artificial colours and flavours, no chemical pesticides, no genetic modification and no added sugars or preservatives. There are four fresh, great tasting juices in the range - Apple, Orange, Apple & Blackcurrant and Tropical.

Sunraysia Organic comes in a convenient and durable 200ml pouch with straw attached, making it the ideal inclusion for any lunch box, sports bag or when the busy family is on the go. The pouch is 100% recyclable and, thanks to its unique design, will mean less waste going into Australian landfills

All you have to do to enter is follow the instructions on the rafflecopter widget. I am having this finish on 28/1/13 due to school returning and I thought this would be a fantastic prize for any family.

I would like to thank Sunrayasia and also Blogs & PR for the fantastic and informative day.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
I have not been paid to do this post, but was given products for review. These opinions are truthful of my own and my families. We really do love this product.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Touch of Foam product talk

I love foam hand soap, so when I was offered to trial Dettol Touch of Foam, I jumped at the chance. I received a bottle of Dettol Touch of Foam in Rose & Cherry in bloom fragrance.

Let me tell you this product does not disappoint, the pump is easy to use, the foam has such a soft and gentle feeling on your hands. I would highly recommended this hand soap to all my friends. I do really love foam hand wash, I am not sure why but I think it is fun, my girls love it too, I have been asked many a times in the last few weeks "Mum can you keep buying this soap please?".

Here are a few facts of Dettol touch of Foam

The New Dettol Touch of Foam Wash comes in three unique fragrances, Jasmine & Almond Dream, Rose & Cherry in Bloom and Wild Berry Bliss. All variants are available in a convenient 250mL pump and a value 500mL refill.

It is unlike ordinary hand wash, with its dual effect formula

The creamy foam is enriched with micro-bubbles that deliver moisture to your skin while killing 99.9% of germs

The Foaming Formula expands easily to remove dirt all over, leaving your hands feeling soft and comfortable after every wash.

Give this product a go you wont be disappointed

I have not been paid to write this review, received one bottle of Dettol Touch and Foam to review from Nuffang product talk , these are my opinions, and truly do love this product and will continue to make it part of my regular shopping.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Choc Chip and Oat slice

I have been on a bid to cut out the crap of our everyday diets, by making a lot more of the kids school snacks from scratch. I had been making lots of muffins,but wanted to try something a little different and exciting for the kids. I found the following Choc Chip and Oat slice on Taste. I read through the reviews and decided to add an extra egg and soak the oats in a little water while preparing all my other ingredients. I used organic shredded coconut seeing as though all the other desiccated coconuts have a preservative in them. With the self raising flour I used wholemeal just to add a little extra goodness.

The whole family gave this a big thumbs up. I have frozen the left overs for the girls snacks.

I just enjoyed a piece with a nice cuppa and I must say the day later it was still super yummy.

Next time I might try replacing the sultanas with some dried apricots.

Do you like to bake for your family?

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Dettol 'Power and Pure'

Dettol has a new cleaning range out 'Power and Pure', and well if you know me through reading my little blog here, you know I like to try any new cleaning product.  I don't like a product that leaves me with a headache from harsh fumes after I have cleaned my bathroom.

I was sent some of the new Dettol Power and Pure to trial. I decided seen we still aren't using my new shower, so it didn't need cleaning, that I would go and give my Mum's shower a clean.  The directions are simple spray on and leave for 10 minutes, after just wipe away. Now Mum's shower had a lot of build up so I did just as the product says and wiped away , no scrubbing. Mum was happy with the results, I am sure if I did use a scrubber it would of came up a better. I will be using this product again, once that new shower starts get used and often so I don't get that horrible build up on my gorgeous new shower screen.

I did not get that dreaded headache that some strong cleaners give me. Here is a little information of the new Dettol Power and Pure range. Here is the link to the website Dettol

New Dettol Power & Pure harnesses the power of its active oxygen formula to penetrate and dissolves tough grease and soap scum while the active ingredient breaks down into water and oxygen, leaving no harsh chemical residue behind.

And as it is from Dettol you can trust it kills 99.9%* of germs

*Such as E. Coli & Salmonella.

Range Details:

The new Dettol Power & Pure range is available in two formats; a Multipurpose Spray for

Kitchen messes with an Oxygen Splash fragrance, and a Bathroom spray, ideal for removing tough soap scum. Available in Fresh Mountain Spring Fragrance



Here is the link to the website Dettol

Monday, October 22, 2012

Our week in Instagram

Here is a little snap shot into our week that was.
  • Alexis eating dinner while the big girls box.
  • Tuesday's are preschool days, When signing in it has to be in rainbow colours
  • Finding that miss 4 has been playing with your labeller and labelling her own toy boxes
  • Exciting times as we finally have our new shower screen
  • and not to forget my gorgeous mirror
  • A little experimenting and came up with a yummy recipe for pear muffins (recipe to follow later in the week)
  • The girls school had their annual fun fair on Friday and we all enjoyed some yummy dip and dots on a hot Friday afternoon
  • After a big Friday evening Saturday was for chilling which included some much loved Lego building
  • Sunday bought some more steps towards a new me, decluttering and organising of our walk wardrobe. 10 bags to be donated. It was very cleansing.
How was your week? Do anything different?

Linking up to the gorgeous Claire over at Scissor Paper Rock


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