Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Eucalyptus Cleaning

What does Eucalyptus remind you of?

Me it reminds me of Winter, today is the first day of Winter. My favourite season of the year. My Girls love sucking on eucalyptus lollies, But now Eucalyptus reminds me of fresh clean clothes and surfaces. I can have that winter feeling all year round.

I have discovered some great cleaning products that are all natural and are Eucalyptus based.

I have been using Bosisto's Eucalyptus Spray It is fantastic. You can use it on so many surfaces in you home.

I had some pesky little marks on my kitchen cupboards that were caused from double sided tape from Child locks. A little spray and scrub and the marks were gone. Before long all my kitchen cupboards were shining.
Before: Kitchen cupboard

After: kitchen cupboard

Before: Bathroom taps

After: Bathrooms taps

Before: Microwave

After: Microwave

I think the above results speak for themselves.

My girls love using the spray at night after we have eaten dinner, they wipe the table down. I love that I know it is safe for them to use, no harsh chemicals.

I have also being using Bosisto's EucoFresh Laundry Powder. The powder comes in a zip lock bag with in the box. I was able to use it in my front loader. I have noticed since using it Alexis's eczema  is a lot more under control.  My clothes have come out fresh smelling and clean. Not nasty residues have been left on any of our clothes.

I love knowing the products I am using aren't harming my family.

Be sure to check to huge range that Bosisto's have available.

I am very excited to tell you all I will be having first ever competition .

4 x packs RRP $16, including:
 1 x EucoFresh Laundry Powder 1.5kg

1 x Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Spray

 Plus a Handy Hints brochure

Competition is open to Australian residents only.

To enter please leave a comment telling me your favourite part of winter.

 Competition ends on the 14/6/11 at 5pm

Winners will be chosen by Random Org.



  1. RIGHT! I am going to go looking for that looks fantastic! Thanks for the 'heads up' Chick.

  2. Oooh my favourite part of winter is sitting on my verandah all rugged up watching the rain with a nice hot cuppa tea!!! I will be looking out for those products - thanks for the reviews.

  3. Look like great products - good that they're not full of nasties. My fave part of winter is what I'm doing now... sitting here in my ugg boots with a hot cup of tea :)

  4. Thank you! I am slowly switching over to natural products and I have those pesky child lock marks too! My favourite part of Winter is finding anywhere with a real fireplace.

  5. You're a girl after my own heart Jill. I ladore the smell of Eucalyptus and craved the smell and the taste when I was pregnant with my 2 boys. Mmmm Mmmm *sniff*

    2 out of my 3 beautiful children are Winter Babies. Both born at the beginning of June. Naturally, my favourite part of winter is celebrating there birthdays just 6 days after one another.


  6. That looks fantastic Jill. You've sold me on it! Fave part of winter is my mum's homecooked soups and casseroles. Mine never taste the same! xx

  7. Hot soup with crusty bread and slow cooked meals.

  8. I have just found bositos vapouriser smellies... mmmm just divine, and really helps my youngest brethe better at night. My fave thing about winter would have to be cosying up with my little ones on the couch with the fire blazing, and hubby-made hot choc just tops it off..

  9. Thanks for the review, those products look fantastic! I will give the spray a whirl as it will probably clean just about everything in my place!!

  10. Hi Jill,
    Thanks so much for the hlep on my blog!! I have been trying to comment on yours too, so hopefully it works :)
    LOVE that spray, but going to have to keep a look out for the washing powder, I wonder if our supermarkets stock it, my twins have eczema, so I am always looking for a natural alternative!!

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